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Prioritizing Personal Wellbeing in 2024


December 14, 2023 | Time: 1-2 pm (ET)

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Join us for a special live broadcast from the AyurPrana studios, where Ayurvedic Practitioner and MD, Vrinda Devani, and Ayurvedic Ambassador, Sandy Viteri, will reveal our unique approach to supporting your post-panchakarma wellness journey through our Living Wisdom Membership.

Vrinda will share how you can continue the transformative benefits of your cleanse long after you leave Sohum. Discover how our Living Wisdom Membership, featuring weekly live calls and immersive experiences, empowers you to cultivate optimal health and well-being across the 7 pillars.

We will discuss the Living Wisdom Membership, what you get, how it can support your wellness goals, and provide a vibrant and inspiring community in which to learn and grow. Come find out how the Living Wisdom Membership is a guided journey through the seasons and how our weekly gatherings will promote your wellness, inspire your being, and nurture your soul.

Reserve your spot for this live broadcast and unlock a deeper understanding of Ayurveda and this life-changing package.

Please note this is a LIVE broadcast on Zoom, NOT a physical event at SoHum Mountain Healing Resort, you will receive a link to the Zoom webinar when you sign up! 

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As a valued friend of our community, we're extending a special invitation for you to become a founding member of our Living Wisdom Membership. Your presence means the world to us, and as a token of gratitude, we're offering an exclusive introductory discount to kickstart your healing journey. This transformative membership is designed to provide you with the practices needed for profound healing and an expanded mind and heart.

The Natural Way to Live:

Our being is innately connected to rhythmic cycles. Modern living disrupts these cycles, leaving us out of balance and fatigued. The Living Wisdom Membership is your answer to restore balance, access your inner pharmacy, and enter a state of healing and rejuvenation.

Discover the true essence of holistic living with our team of Ayurvedic practitioners and artists, bringing a wealth of wisdom in ancient healing practices and a heart-centered approach to guide and empower you on your path to healing.

About the Living Wisdom Membership

Join us on a guided journey through the seasons, with weekly gatherings that promote wellness, inspire your being, and nurture your soul.


Monthly Themes


MONTH 1: Cleanse

Release emotions and accumulated elements from the previous season. Access AyurPrana's signature 9-day Home Cleanse or a mini cleanse to renew yourself and step into the new season.


MONTH 2: Move

Harness the flow of prana to bring a sense of vitality and clarity. Engage in yoga asana, breathwork, and regular walks guided by our experts to deepen your routines.


MONTH 3: Nourish

Welcome nourishment through the sacred practice of cooking and eating. Explore seasonal foods, food as medicine, and easy tips to supercharge your nutrition.


MONTH 4: Align

Explore the subtle channels of chakras, koshas, nadis, and more. Integrate practices from the previous months into habits that ground your experience and elevate your consciousness.

Join the Membership


Dive deep into each monthly theme with powerful weekly live sessions, rotation of thought leaders, guides, and masters supporting your wellness journey.

  • Expand My Mind: Monthly sessions with industry thought leaders to understand their unique perspective.

  • Expand My Heart and Being: Monthly storytelling, yoga, and music sessions.

  • Instill Practice and Rituals: Topic deep dives with practitioners translating theory into practice. Three to five 1-hour sessions per month.

  • Integrate with Support: Q&A sessions with Vasant Lad, BAM&S, MASc. One 1-hour session per month starting in 2024.

Membership Perks

  • Weekly Live immersions with masters, thought leaders, and guides
  • Monthly immersive experiences: seasonal cleanses, nutritional cooking sessions, breathwork immersions, led by our AyurPrana experts
  • 1:1 Chat support with a practitioner during dedicated Connect hours
  • Replay access to all live sessions
  • Access to AyurPrana Foundational Courses
  • Access to AyurPrana+ App and Living Wisdom members-only space in the app
  • Experience seasonal celebrations like eclipses and solstices
  • Exclusive discounts to all other entities in the AyurPrana village of brands
  • Join a community of like-minded individuals embarking on this transformative journey together

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